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Welcome to ES3DStudios, quality 3D models for simulation, games and rendering

All models are available in a range of 3D formats, including 3DSMax, Maya, OBJ, FBX and FLT.  All assets come with a set of PBR textures, including diffuse, specular, gloss, normal and albedo.   Many of the recent models can be supplied with levels of detail (LODs), down to approximately 25% poly count.  Click on an image to see the full asset details on Turbosquid.   Browse our full catalogue here.   Many of our models have passed the Turbosqid 'Checkmate' and 'Stemcell' standards.

Armata MBT Burk Class FlightIII Su33 Naval Flanker AH64E Apache Guardian

Civilian Cargo ShipsGame City BlockZumwalt Class DDG1000F35 Game Collection

737 Simulation ModelUSNavy 3D model collectionGlobal Hawk 3D modelMilitary Airbase Game Model

City Simulation ModelUS Infantry Game CollectionType59 Tank Sim ModelRoyal Navy 3D model set

More of our asset collection is listed below. This is just a small selection of our complete library. If you are looking for modern military vehicles, tanks, APC's, aircraft, helicopters or ships the chances are we have a version available. Notable additions are the complete US, Russian, Chinese and Royal Navies.

If we don't already have what you need we can create it, to your exact spec, with reasonable timeframes and cost.

Please contact us for availability. Contact ES3DStudios

Ground Systems

Cougar MRAP


Military Base Infrastructure

M1126 Stryker APC

M60A3 Main Battle Tank

T-90A Russian Tank

Infantry Foxhole

M1083 Utility Truck


F-22A Raptor USAF

F-16C ROK Air Force

GR.9 Harrier RAF

B1B Lancer Strategic Bomber

B-52H Stratofortress Bomber


MIG-29 Fulcrum Collection

Gulfstream G550 Private Jet


UH-60L Blackhawk

AH-1W Cobra Gunship

AW159 Wildcat

MH-47G Chinook

AW101 Merlin HC.3A

NH90 German Navy

Fennec Utility Helicopter

Z-11W Light Attack


Type054A Jiangjai Destroyer PLAN

Virginia Class Nuclear Attack Submarine

Pyotr Velikiy Class Battle Cruiser

Gremyashchy Class Corvette

Type052 Luhu Class Frigate PLAN

Type 23 Duke Class Frigate RN

Zeven Provincian Class Frigate

Boris Chilikin Class Fleet Oiler


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