Very high detail 'Arab Streets' construction set. This 192m x 192m tile can be used stand-alone or as an upgrade to the large scale 'Arab_Metro' set of products. Includes 28Meg of high-res texture detail. Ideal for games, sims or high-res renders.

Standard Performance Licenses from $780


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'Arab Streets St02' Urban Construction Set

This unique urban construction system is fully compatible with 'RT_Metro' and 'Arab_Metro' series of products (all based on 8m grid, 192x192m blocks). Geometry can be easily replicated to cover vast areas quickly and efficiently. Complete game-level solution.

Includes shops, houses, ruins, building sights, mosques, civic buildings, many with simple interiors, plus street furniture. Many extras included - M1025 HMMWV, ruined vehicles, palm trees, signs etc.

Suitable for games and sims, detailed enough for close-up renders. Lighting baked into verts in Maya version (see real-time hardware shaded renders for 'in-game' look.)

Range of compatible vehicles and civilian characters also available. Ask if you'd like a custom bundle of any of our sets.

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Technical Information

Available in Maya, Lightwave, FBX, OBJ, XSI,FLT, X, 3DS and many other formats. Some buildings include basic interior, seats and tables. Highly modular, and geared to the creation of custom scenarios.

395,303 Polys, 274,728 Verts, BMP textures, all in 'powers of two' resolutions.