ES3D License Information

Licensing options are highly flexible and can be customized to fit the exact circumstances of your project. Listed below are our three main types. Most licenses develop naturally from one of these basic options.

If you'd like to know more, E-mail our Design Team for details. We're always happy to answer your questions.

'Performance License'

Our standard Performance License allows you to 'perform' the data to help complete your project. This might take the form of rendering it in an animation, creation of a series of still images, or using the 3D data as part of any presentation where the data itself remains local to one site - your main place of business.

Payment is in the form of a one-off fee that is totally royalty free. Copyright of the 3D data itself remains with ES3DStudios. This license is all that's needed for the majority of customers who want to utilize the models as part of an off-line, non-real-time rendering. In the first instance prices are usually quoted for this type of license, as it's all that most customers require. All large data reselling sites basically offer some form of this license type.

'Redistribution License'

If you're creating a game, simulation or training aid, where the 3D data will be distributed as part of your end product then you'll require some form of 'Redistribution License'. Because the nature of our client's projects vary widely, so do the exact terms of this type of license. Prices are normally a factor of x3 the equivalent 'Performance License'. Exact costs depend on how secure we deem our data as part of your 'Integrated Product'. Copyright of the 3D data remains with ES3DStudios.

Full Rights Buyout

If you require the full copyright to the data we create then this is the option that will get it for you. Prices can only be quoted on a per model or per collection basis, but will be substantially higher than for the license types above. Again, fees would take the form of a one-off payment, with all rights to the data transferred from ES3DStudios, to you.