Aircraft Models

ES3DStudios has a large and growing database of aviation assets. If we don't already have what you need new models can be commissioned at competitive rates, in a range of poly counts.

Below is a selection of model sets we have ready to fly 'off the shelf'. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

commercial aircraft 3d model collection
Commercial jet aircraft collection x16

Commercial Jet Aircraft x16 Collection

Multi-format 'Simulation-Ready' civilian jet airliner 3D computer model collection, plus PSD texture templates for each type. Includes Airbus A320, A319, Boeing 737-300, 737-700, 737-8700 and 767-300 aircraft. Part of a huge linked collection available from ES3DStudios. Comes complete with a range of international liverys. PSD templates make creating new marking schemes simple. Click image for more details.

Standard Performance License $350

F22 3d model

F22E Raptor USAF

High detail state of the art stealth fighter of the US Air Force. Full stores load also available. This model was originally created for a major defence contractor's promotional video.

Standard Performance License $150

USAF 3D model set
AC130 3D model

6 Part US Air Power Collection

FA18 'E' and 'F' Super Hornets, F16C Falcon, AC-130 Spectre Gunship, B2-A Spirit Stealth Bomber, E-3 Sentry AWACS Airborne Early Warning Aircraft. High value multi-pack covering the USAF

Standard Performance License $575

Individual Commercial Aircraft

Extensive range of civilian aircraft, many in a range of liveries. Many available in real-time configurations. Ideal for games, simulations and training products.

Standard Performance License $99

Cockpit & Pilot Set

Detailed FA18E/F pilot's cockpit, complete with high-poly pilot character model.

Standard Performance License $145

Pilot 3D Model
B2 Stealth bomber 3D model

AC-130 Spectre Gunship

US Air Force close support gunship. Based on the C-130 Hercules transport turboprop aircraft.

Standard Performance License $89

B2-A Spirit Stealth Bomber

Strategic strike aircraft of the US Air Force. Nurbs based model allows highly customizable face count once converted into to polygons. The B2 would be used for strikes on high-value enemy targets.

Standard Performance License $89

FA18E 3D model

FA18E Super Hornet USN

Multipurpose strike fighter of the US Navy. Available in single seat 'E' and twin seat 'F' versions. Comes with full set of working control surfaces. This model was originally created for Boeing's Aircraft Corporation's artistic visualization department.

Standard Performance License $265

F16 3D model

F16C Falcon USAF

Multipurpose fighter of the US Air Force and Air National Guard. Variants available for Pakistani and many other Air Forces. Complete with cockpit and full set of weapons and pods.

Standard Performance License $265

USAF support aircraft collection set

Multi-Pack Collections

The most cost-efficient way to buy groups of models is through our range of multi-packs. These come pre-made in groups of 6 related aircraft, but custom sets can be created to suit your needs.

Standard Performance License $485