Maritime Data Sets

Extensive experience of maritime modelling has given ES3D a unique perspective in helping you to complete your project. If it's for interactive simulations, training aids, military visualizations, or high-detail pre-rendered animations our artists can create what you need to your exact specifications.

Below is a selection of model sets we have ready to sail 'off the shelf'. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

San Francisco Bay Environment Set

San Francisco Bay area environment model. Contains Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, 2 large cargo ships and San Francisco City shoreline. This set is available in formats including vertex shading. Email for details. Click thumbnail for larger image.

Standard Performance License $275

USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 + Air Wing

Multi-format, highly-detailed CVN-72 'Abraham Lincoln' Aircraft Carrier 3D computer model, plus Air Wing. Includes FA18C, FA18D and E2C Hawkeye aircraft. Part of a huge linked collection available from ES3DStudios. Bridge and Stateroom interiors also available separately. Click image for more details.

Standard Performance License $680

3DS Max 'Atolls' Data Set

Unique, very high detail, tropical island terrain set. Makes use of complex 3DS Max procedural shaders to achieve stunning results without the need for any 3rd party plugins. Other sets in this range include mountain lakes and fjords.

Standard Performance License $295

Ocean Transport Collection 01

12 Ship Ocean Transport Collection. Includes US-Navy CBG, Royal Navy Type22 Frigate, Trawlers, Yachts, Catamarans and cargo ships. Custom collections can be created to suit your needs. E-mail for details.

Standard Performance License $595

Wide Selection of World Naval Vessels

Many of the World's major Navy's are covered, including the US Navy, Royal Navy, Russian and Chinese PLAN. A wide range of ships of all classes and types are available. Ask for details of package deals.

Standard Performance Licenses from $95

Merchant Navy Collection

Range of cargo ships of many types available, including, barges, tankers, container ships, catamarans, trawlers, hover craft and many more. Tell us what you need and we can put a custom package together.

Standard Performance License $145

Racing Yacht Set

A pair of 24m racing yachts, presented in different texture schemes. Rational poly count makes these meshes suitable for real-time apps as well as high detail renders.

Standard Performance License $98

US Navy Carrier Battle Group Set

Complete US-Navy Carrier Battle Group collection. Includes USS Nimitz CVN, Ticonderoga AEGIS CG, Arleigh Burke DD, OH Perry FFG, plus FA18E strike fighters. Superb Value.

Standard Performance License $395

Six Ship Cargo Collection

Six part civilian cargo ship collection. Includes two Oil Tankers, two Container Ships, one General Cargo, and one Survey ship. Great Value collection. Click thumbnail for larger image.

Standard Performance License $386

Chinese Navy Stage 01

Complete five part Chinese Navy (PLAN) Surface Action / Assault Group. Includes Lanzhou-Class DDG, Jiangwei-Class FFG, Haiqing-Class_Subchaser, Yuting-Class Large Landing Ship and Yulian-Class Medium Landing Ship. Superb Value. Click thumbnail for larger image.

Standard Performance License $490