Geographical Data Sets

ES3DStudios can provide a diverse range of geographical environment model sets to help provide the perfect setting for your projects.

If it's for interactive simulations, training aids, military visualizations, or high-detail pre-rendered animations, we can help create what you need. For more details and a tailor-made consultation with the experts E-mail our DesignTeam

Desert-2 Modular Terrain System

Consists of 6 1kmx1km tiles, all of which tile with each other, linked together to form a 5kmx5km mesh. This mesh can be tiled off to infinity. 4.5Meg of satellite images makes up the texture data for this model, giving a ground resolution of 2m per pixel.

Standard Performance License $275

3DS Max 'Atolls' Data Set

Unique, very high detail, tropical island terrain set. Makes use of complex 3DS Max procedural shaders to achieve stunning results without the need for any 3rd party plugins. Other sets in this range include mountain lakes and arctic fjords. Ask for more details.

Standard Performance License $235

High Quality 3D Terrain Models

Any part of the world, in a range of detail and resolutions, we can help meet your needs. E-mail for details for a tail-made no obligation consultation.

Standard Performance Licenses from $295

Detailed Models of Real World Locations

This Example shows a 3DSMax relief map covering the island of Cyprus.

Standard Performance Licenses from $195

Texture Draped Topo Models

3DSMax and Maya files for 3D relief maps. Can include hi-res satellite image maps for selected areas (1000 x 1200) covering the terrain (roughly 8 pixels per mile).

Standard Performance License $395

Detailed Topographical Representations

We can supply models detailed down to 800m in horizontal resolution. This example shows the Everest region of the Eastern Himalayas

Standard Performance License $195